get a return

on being taxed.




Increase horizon valuations
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we do

Inspire 4 Growth is an international tax performance agency. We master cycles of taxation on cross border businesses, people, trades, finance and legal structures. 


Practically we help you to a return on being taxed. We use tax planning and compliance efforts to boost cash flow, net income, team work and horizon valuation of your business. 

We help you to rewards beyond a license to operate.   

We Believe in unleashing power in compliance processes.

We Work to enhance the horizon value of your business.


We Know how to turn being charged into a source of growth.





A mindset shift on compliance drives value

Our De-Taxation offering equips you with new perspectives and tools to drive compliance cost down, optimise tax-value risk opportunities and enhance teamwork. We help you adopt a continuum for Tax Structuring 2.0 and continued performance optimisation.


Our Kpi = Respond offering prepares and supports tax leaders to adopt a "Growth through Compliance" mindset. A stance for bolstering effective communication, stakeholder buy-in, personal stress reduction, agility and creativity needed to capture trade and tax opportunities.




25 years across a variety of industries on all Continents


Who we are

Inspire 4 Growth operates in a partnership network. We have skin in the game and offer cutting edge services.

We are present, creative and tuned into financial and leadership goals. We have a proven track record in co-creating break-throughs in performance and tax structuring 2.0.

Robert de Liefde, LLM, excels in tax law application and connecting the dots for value creation. He was at the forefront of leading and innovative global tax deals. He knows how to lead in Fortune companies for excellence and people engagement.
Robert founded Inspire 4 Growth to bring innovation to taxation. He knows to how adopt a mindset reversing cause and effect for a return on being taxed. He holds a vision of humane growth, is a global citizen, resides in Istanbul and loves to engineer possibilities of "de-taxation".



".. essence of performance lies in de-taxing oneself, inspiring others and teamwork to get a return on being taxed.."



Unleash powers of compliance.                                                                                                                                                            

Get a return on being taxed.                                                                 


Enhance horizon value together.                                                                                                



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