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Inspire 4 Growth is a global performance agency focussed on helping leaders and their organizations turn the burdens of taxation, stress and process ineffectiveness into a competitive advantage. We specialize to create value from monetary and people burdens.

Our team knows how expansion and transformation is achieved. Our diverse experience shows burdens of taxation and stress drive value if one is open, willing to turn perception 180 degrees around, to simplify complexity, foster teamwork and activate forces of Empowerment
by Entrainment.

We Believe we can enrich operational systems together.
We Believe re-humanizing the way we work together.
We Believe challenging targets are realistic if people first grow.
We Believe in growth through compliance.




"...a mindset of compliance activates the law of entrainment."


We operate in two intersecting fields of business; Taxation and Mind Set.
Our De-taxation continuum aims to create Tax Optimization in a monetary sense. It’s application permanently reduces operational costs, enhances teamwork, stimulates culture and achieve a foundation for Tax Structuring 2.0.


Our Experiential learning programs focus on attitude and mindset, personal transformation for enhanced collaboration and individual support.  


We point to the power of honesty and a mindset of compliance In all that we do to activate the law of entrainment for your success.

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De Taxation Continuum

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Inspire 4 Growth is a global performance agency. We are a growing platform of former Fortune 500 senior Leaders, tax specialists, independent facilitators, coaches, business and innovation specialists - focussed on helping our clients grow through compliance.

We aim to get an ROI on the burdens any business and person carries.

Together we thrive on the intersection of a large diversity and extended scope of human experiences. We know how to be present, creative and serving for our clients. What we have in common is a proven track record of turning a charge into an opportunity for growth.

Robert de Liefde, LLM, excels in Taxation Leadership and value creation opportunities.
After 20+ years as tax specialist and leader at Fortune Groups, he founded Inspire 4 Growth, a global performance agency. Robert practices mindfulness since 2008, went through a deep personal transformation and now guides leaders and their organizations to compliance based growth. He knows how to turn taxation and stress into a competitive advantage. Robert resides in Turkey / Netherlands, is father of three teenagers, loves (regatta) sailing, and contemplative practices.


Eldra Jackson III is a master facilitator a self examination guide and an accomplished practioner of "the work". He is passionate about working with at-risk youth, coed groups and captains of industry to support individuals and groups maximize their full potential in relation to self business and interpersonal relationships. 

Eldra resides in Sacramento, is married, father of two children, loves boating, and contemplative practices.

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